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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

" Beautiful Life" -The Cris & Silent Company


I'm really impressed with how 'The Cris' took the song and layed down the lyric, In stepping back after having mixed it and hearing it again some time later it was so spot on it sent chills down my spine, it was magic.
 Honestly the music in 'Beautiful Life' was created before I met Cris. Cris heard the track and wanted to put something to it. Truly his talent to write lyrics and lay down a vocal track to marry the music becomes obvious in this track, It blows my mind how well he did, no to many people I've run into can take a musical piece that is already done and put a vocal down the way he did, his performance is genuine and delivered from the heart. I feel lucky to have run into him. This is classified as one of the finest classic pieces thus far I've had a chance to work on. Thanks 'Cris'


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Most Awesome

I'm on the hunt to find out what spices of plant is embroidered on her dress.
if anyone can help please comment

More information about the image in video link above

Silent Here

I'm Silent, the guy who makes the music of 'Silent Company',  My Silent sound that I make comes from the loneliness I feel at times, It covers me in tranquility sometimes..and other times it feels like an agonizing squeezing sensation, I usually tell myself I'm suffering from my own insignificance . But I dont feel so bad when I look around and realize I'm not the only one feeling insignificant , I don't like the idea that i feel like im starving for attention. Seems like people in my general area are always competing and trying to be like someone else muscly , after so many years of jamming with people I come to a place that's pretty lonely. Yea i can play guitar, but i play it for my own ears and can feel that what im playing is meaningful to me. but for others its not up to par with the players that can shred a million notes in one second, so If i don't play fast and in a radical way I tend to loose being significant or profound . I think you know what im saying.
so far so good yes? I can really go on about my philosophy in my music and where and how i managed to get where I'm at. But like so many other things ive done, Its really not worth doing if no one validates that i'm talking to them. Seriously with all the music i put up on yutube and around, its rare and i mean really rare that anyone would take the time to say anything like they liked it or not..if you think im kidding or exaggerating about it, go ahead..look at my site and my youtube and look at the dates..and the play counts and then look at the comments..and even people who sang on the tracks themselves are rare to even say anything really stumped . and confused as to why. Its like the music sucks and people don't want to say so cause it could hurt me or something.