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Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Namaste's Song" - Elisabeth P & Silent Company

"You Are" - Natasha Groschell & Silent Company

"You Are" - Natasha Groschell
I can imagine how a real band would take this to a stage and turn it out. It was a very short snapshot and not at all something I spent allot of time doing,  The Groove and vibe of the song was captured as an 'idea' when  Natasha layed down her vocal track for it, I have to say Natasha Groschel can sing ! and I'm not just saying that to be nice about it, she an amazing performer! outstanding even! I would have loved to see this go to stage with her , I believe this would have been the ultimate place for this track for example some Spanish guitar showing up in a bridge part ( not on track)  and some real dreamy spaced out parts to engage the track further pushing towards a romantic climax. That would have been ultimate ;)

"I Rise" - Natasha Groschel & Silent Company

"I'm Still Here" - Natasha Groschel & Silent Company

"Fall into You" - Anna M & Silent Company - Footage from "The Notebook"